Nail Art for All - Loud and Trendy or Soft and Subtle

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy LOVE Day! I've got 2 last minute nail art tutorials for you to fit in with the occasion. The first one you'll see is a bright nail that is an alternative for people who want something different than the usual pinks or reds and the like you usually see for the occasion. I've named it "Kisses in the Rain". The second one is for those of you who want to do something but prefer something more classic and subtle - something softer and less in yo face. I've named that one "Subtle Lovin'".Scroll down for step by step photos and instructions! :D

1. Paint all 5 nails a nice bright blue color. I used Chills & Thrills from Essie. 
2. On your index finger, using a dotting tool and a bright pink polish, start by creating two arches side by side and then connect them along their bottom edges with a line that dips slightly in the center and then fill in the shape. You should have something that resembles and upper lip. I used Peach Daiquiri from Essie.
3. For the lower lip, using your dotting tool again, and create a line that curves away from the upper lip and fill it in a bit. We all know what lips are, so do your best.
4. With a very thin nail art brush, use the blue polish you used for your base color to add very tiny lines to the lips so it appears as though it's a lipstick print with broken edges.
5. Paint all your nails with a coat or two of matte top coat. I used Matte Top Coat from Nicole by O.P.I.
6. Using a regular glossy top coat, drop blobs of different sizes all over each nail to create the look of water beads. And done!

1. Paint all nails except your pointer finger with a very pale pink - think almost white. I used Pale Cashmere from Revlon's Colorstay polishes.
2. Now paint that pointer finger with a clear polish; not a top coat though, an actual clear nail polish since we will paint one top of it and seal it later.
3. On your pointer finger, using a dotting tool and a light peachy color, create a pattern of hearts like you see in the photo. I used a color that has no name on it, sorry. :/ Need to know how to do hearts easily? See below for a how to on hearts!
4. Using your dotting tool again, on your middle finger, paint one larger heart slightly off centered. And done!

Hope you guys have any awesome day loving yourself and/or significant other. You're nails will look good anyway! ;)

Love Ya!

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