How I Spent the Holidays - Part 2

Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Monday, Everyone! I know what you’re probably thinking; ‘Happy’ and ‘Monday’ don’t belong in the same sentence, I feel ya, but that’s why I wanted to wish you all one, maybe it’ll help make it brighter! :D

So, today I wanted to get this post in for you guys since it was supposed to be up earlier in January and then things got crazy for me. It’s great to be back at it! I really missed you and sharing all that I can in creativity, inspiration, advice, and FUN! So let’s get on with it, then; my Holiday Post #2! If you need a refresher of where I left off, here is the link to Part #1 (Keep SCROLLING for Pizza Roll RECIPE!)

On Christmas Day, after we all opened our gifts and had breakfast, we got ready and some of us (my Mom, sister, and I), who were able to, made the 2 ½ hour drive to surprise my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins with a Christmas visit. We always visit over the Holidays but rarely on Christmas Day. My mom really had her heart set on doing it this year and we all liked the idea… then some people got a bug that decided to make its presence known over night and that morning, and they had to stay home. But us girls had a good drive and great time spent with family when we got there and a tastey turkey diner. Mmmmm.

Next, let’s talk gifts!! I feel I was pretty spoiled with all the wonderful things I got. Here’s a couple pictures of a lot of the things I got. There were some other small stocking stuffers from Santa, like a nice Photography magazine, chocolates, candies, lip balms, ummm undies :P, and some other fun things. :) But these are most of my bigger gifts.

A couple of great sweaters (Mom and Santa), a couple of scarves (sister and boyfriend), a couple of eye shadow palettes (brother and girlfriend and Mom), a couple of bottles of Sephora X Formula nail polishes that are so fun (fun cousin), a very nice glass nail file with case (boyfriend), blotting papers with salicylic acid (boyfriend), a pack of nail buffing blocks (boyfriend), pack of 4 eos lip balms which I LOVE (boyfriend), a beautiful handmade ring my sister got me, and she also got me a $50 gift card for Michael’s (YAY!), and then what’s not in the photo is some really awesome Swaney Toaster mitts for snowboarding (boyfriend), a gift card for the Mall (other brother), and a big gift from Santa; my new video/photo lighting! :D

The funny thing was that I got two of the same eye shadow palette, the Sephora Color Anthology; one from my Mom and then one from my brother and his girlfriend and I love, love, love it, but I had to bring one back because what’s the point in having 2, so I exchanged it the Naked 3 Palette which I had to go back several times before getting my hands on, and you all know how I love it from my ‘First Impressions’ blog post (Haven’t seen it yet? Here’s the link And this is the Color Anthology Collection:

It’s pretty awesome! It has 72 eye shadows in so many different colors from brights to neutrals and in between! Again, awesome, and wears really well! :) And then here is the Naked 3 eye shadow palette I exchanged my second one for (in case you have no idea what it looks like):

While I was there my mom and I did a little more cooking. We made some yummy pizza rolls. Here they are from start to finish:

There are really easy to make. All you need is the usual pizza ingredients cut into very small cubes (diced). 

We Used:

   -  Ground Beef
   -  Mozzarella (Brick)
   -  1 Pepperoni Stick
   -  1 Salami Stick
   -  1 Green Pepper
   -  1 Red Pepper
   -  1 Onion
   -  2 Small Cans of Pizza Sauce
   -  You’ll also need 2 Egg Whites (for sealing shells)

**Directions** Cook your ground beef and onions in a frying pan first and season to taste, let cool while you dice other ingredients and then mix everything together in a large mixing bowl. Then fill egg roll shells with a spoonful of the mixture, use finger or brush to apply egg white to perimeter of shell then fold 2 sides in to the center overlapping enough to stick together with, and then press both ends with enough pressure to seal. I then like to go over all the seams with just a little egg white to make sure they are nice and sealed at all the seams. Now you can finally cook them in a deep fryer (be safe when using a deep fryer, folks!) until they are golden and crispy. Mmmmyumm! Enjoy!

And then came New Year’s Eve. It was pretty quiet which I am completely fine with. I quite enjoy just staying home with my family, eating Chinese food, watching movies, and waiting for midnight! We all got in our PJs. These was mine (lol, #selfie):

After the New Year I got to spend time with my little niece (she's 7 years old) so she could teach me some of how to play Minecraft (her favorite thing to do), create some sparkly stickers called Blingles, and make some cookies. These are some of the masterpieces:

I had so much fun spending time with her! ♥

It’s always sad for me to leave my family and come back all the way across the country, so I was happy for the extra days I got from my flight being cancelled twice, which gave me an extra 4 days there (sorry to all the people on the flights who may have had the opposite reaction). This was actually the first time in the past 5 ½ years that I’ve been living away from them that I didn’t cry when I left. I still was sad to leave them, but I’m getting stronger! The first time the flight was cancelled it was due to computer issues on the plane that, in the end, after boarding and de-boarding the plane and spending hours, pretty much the entire day in the airport waiting for an update, they could not fix. Then the second flight, thankfully, was cancelled even before leaving for the airport, and that was due to a huge weather system producing severe freezing rain along the flight path.

So, that’s it, most of my Holiday adventures shared with all my amazing followers (pssst, that’s you) :D Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly and I am trying, trying to get some stuff together in relation to that Holiday for you all (including the guys out there)!

Hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful Monday and are feeling the happy vibes I’m sending you!
Sam ♡


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