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Friday, February 14, 2014

Hi, Folks! 

How was your Valentine’s Day? I hope everyone had an awesome one and if you didn’t have anyone special to share it with, I hope you enjoyed it just the same. You don’t need a Valentine, what is most important is that you’re happy either way! ;) 

So, today I wanted to talk to you guys about Bloglovin’. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably heard me talk about the fact that you can now follow my blog on there. Since some of you may not know exactly what it is, I decided I’d do a quick little post on it. 

Bloglovin’ is a place where people can discover new blogs and follow their favourites. My blog is still in the same place,, but I’ve added it to this website, a directory let’s call it, that allows people to follow all the blogs they like in one place, rather than having to keep track of every one separately. And instead of having to go and check several blogs for new posts regularly, you only have to check one website to find any updates to any of the blogs you follow. You can even choose to receive daily or weekly emails letting you know when any have new posts. It makes enjoying blogs so much simpler and easier… and I’d say even more fun since you can give posts ‘likes’ and share and recommend to friends who may be using Bloglovin’ as well. You can choose to follow blogs or individuals so you can even keep up with blogs your friends may be following very easily.

Doesn’t Bloglovin’ sound fun? I think it is! So come on over and check it out. You can find me here and follow my blog and then find search for others in whatever category you like or search to see if your favourites are already on Bloglovin’. 

Have a busy life? Wanna keep up with your blogs on the go? Well, Bloglovin’ also has an app available for both iPhone and Android markets! Just visit either the App Store or Play Store and search Bloglovin’! It’s FREE!

I hope this post helps you guys out! If you wanna keep following my blog the same way you always have been, then that’s up to you and equally great to me! I love having you all here and don’t care how you get here! Just come, have fun, follow me on this crazy blogging journey! I LUV YA! 


If you haven’t already found me at these other places, what are ya waiting for? C’mon:


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