A Day In The Life Blogger & Artist - Plus A GIVEAWAY

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

I don't often do vlog style videos, but I was recently inspired by some other YouTubers to share a little more of myself on my channel. I shared a few things here and there, but have felt like perhaps there isn't a lot of place for personal stuff on my blog and youtube channel. I mean, I assume people come for the DIYs... which is probably mostly true, but for my regular subscribers, perhaps they'd like to feel more of a connection with me personally, and feel like they know me a bit better as a person, not just a DIYer. Perhaps my youtube family would grow to have more lovely people if I share more of me. It can be hard to put yourself out there... but today I'm starting out simple and inviting you to follow me along for a day in my life. If you'd like to see what I get up to in terms of my work day, keep reading... and perhaps I'll do more posts like this in the future... even if I think my life isn't exciting (is boring)...

Not only will you get to see how I spend a lot of my work days, but, if you like dogs, you're in for a treat with lots of appearances by our adorable, funny, loveable little dog, Vada. She was introduced to you all in my Meet Vada post last year. And there's a GIVEAWAY from JORD Watches I think you'll really want to enter, so check out the video for all those details, as well!

That's it for this post my friends! I hope you enjoyed the video and hope you enjoy getting to know me a bit better. Talking to a camera isn't always extremely comfortable so it can be hard to just be yourself and let you shine through, but I think/hope I'm getting better at it and will feel more inclined to take you along for other days, here and there, in the future! Love ya!

Sam ♡


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