DIY Glass Paint Palette - Cheap & Easy as Heck!

Friday, February 2, 2018

I have to say that I've been really loving my homemade glass paint palette since I made it over a year ago! Your paint swirls around on it so nicely--which is amazing for colour mixing--and you can easily scoop up every last bit of paint with your brush, leaving behind barely any residue, which means so much less wasting of expensive paints! And it's soooo cheap to make one! Being that I've been painting a lot lately, and have been realizing my appreciation for this amazing painting tool even more, it dawned on me that this would be a great tutorial to show my fellow artist followers/subscribers, so I whipped up this little tutorial for you - I hope you'll be as crazy about it as I am! Let's take a look...

As I mentioned, this palette is so cheap to make - I spent $0 to make my first one because I had all the supplies already, and used a spare piece of glass I had left hanging around from a frame I used for an oil painting. With this tutorial I didn't have any spare pieces of glass so I had to shell out a whopping $1.50 on a document holder/frame from the dollar store. I'll list all the things you'll need and hopefully you'll have most of them at home already, too!

- Piece of Glass (any size you'd like)
- Acrylic Paints // Black, White, and Yellow
- Tape // Masking Tape or Duck (Duct) Tape (duck tape comes in soooo many colours)
- Paint Brush
- Utility (or Craft) Knife (or scissors in a pinch)
- Ruler

That's it, my friends! Have fun making your own glass palette and I'll see you soon, in my next post!

Sam ♡

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