Art Series - Post #14 - "Lips" Oil Study Time-lapse

Friday, January 26, 2018

In my previous post, Welcome 2018 - These Are My Goals This Year!, I wrote about my goals (or resolutions) for the year, and therein I spoke about my goals for my art career for 2018. In this video I speak a little bit more about that topic while I show you the time-lapse video footage of the first oil study I did earlier this month.

Different from my other time-lapse art videos, this time I took actual video footage, rather than just several progress photos complied into a video, and sped the video up. It's a much nicer way to show me creating my art, and is much less work in editing, surprisingly. So why I haven't I done it this way before? Well, when I record videos my camera will only record a maximum up 4GB per file, so when that is HD resolution that only works out to be about an 11 minute video. Oil paintings take hours to complete, so I just figured that having to continually set my camera to record every 11 minutes or so would be such a pain, but it turned out to really not be. It's actually quite a bit less of a pain than having to stand back to take a photo every few brush strokes, trying to match the previous framing of the painting each photo, trying to make sure you don't get paint on your camera while taking the photos, not to mention having to take each photo one by one and make sure it matches up, perspective wise, to the previous one in the video, and blah, blah, blah!! This is way easier and way nicer to watch back - win/win... win/win/win!!

That's it for this Art Series Post, friends! As I mention in the video, I have 2 other small oil studies that I completed this month, and I will be sharing those in time-lapse form, just like this one, next month! I'm nut sure what my next piece will be--another study or a full painting--but I'm excited to share that with just the same! I hope you enjoyed this one and will enjoy seeing more of my art here on the blog and YouTube, and if you want to see sneak peeks of my paintings as I'm doing them, make sure to check out my Instagram and follow me over there! See you soon!

Sam ♡

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