DIY Knitted Look Christmas Ornament - No Knitting Needed

Sunday, December 10, 2017

This year I am decorating my tree in white and gold with touches of red! I think I will do a post on my tree here on the blog showing you all my ornaments; which ones I bought, which one I made, which ones were given to me. I'm still in the process of making a few things, so in this post I bring you another tutorial for one of those ornaments - DIY Knitted Look Christmas Ornaments. They are very simple to make, you need very little to make them, and I'll throw in a couple tips in this post. Let's go...

These ornaments are going to add a nice soft touch to my tree this year! So far I've been able to make 6 from one roll of yarn, but I still have lots left over, and I think I could get 10 from just the one roll! The roll cost $7.99 at Michaels (might be even cheaper elsewhere), and I got the wood beads in a huge package from the dollar store for $4. I already had the twine--TIP: you can get the exact same thing from Princess Auto (or try a surplus auto store) for 99 cents (CAD)--so I only spent $13 to make these. If I get 10 out of the supplies that means they only cost $1.30 (CAD) each!!! Not bad for such a cute and classy ornament! Let's take a look at the supply list:

- Styrofoam Balls (2.5" - I got my for $1 for pack of 8)
- Cozy Yarn
- Wooden Beads
- Jute Twine
- Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue
- Scissors

In the video I show a unique way to braid your yarn so that you don't have to worry about the strands tangling up, and then having to untangle them every few motions. Working with such long strands can be really frustrating because of this part! HERE'S AN ADDITONAL TIP: after recording the tutorial, thinking I found such a genius way to get around the tangles, I figured out another way!! You can choose which way you like best and find more effective... hopefully I can explain it so it's understandable.

1. Before beginning the braid (after you've attached the strands together), roll up each strand individually in stead of all together. Only roll 2 of the strands a little bit to keep them neat, but roll the third one up so that you can easily move it around... we'll call it the "moving strand".

2. Begin braiding.

3. When braiding in the strand that you've designated as your "moving strand", braid it in as normal, and then immediately move the rolled up ball between/through your other two strands. Don't move your other 2 strands at all, except for braiding them.

4. Continue braiding.

5. You should reach your "moving strand", braiding it in, every third motion of your braid, alternating between it being on the right and left side of your braid. You'll continue to slip the entire ball between/through the other 2 strands each time you braid it in, and this will keep your strands from tangling up, allowing you to braid continuously and quickly.

I hope that you can understand these directions, but I think it would help a lot more if you try it and then you'll see what I mean!

Here's the tutorial in all it's loveliness!!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, friends! Don't forget to click the thumbs up icon on the video and share, share, share! Hope you're all having fun preparing for the holidays!

Sam ♡

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