Why I've Been MIA - Introducing Little Miss Vada

Saturday, March 25, 2017

I know, I know (you may have noticed) I've been missing around here for a while... things got crazy and I didn't realize they would! 

First, watch the video and then I'll explain a little bit more! Also, if you want more photos and videos of Vada check out her Instagram and follow her!

So, there ya go! Vada came into our lives and I did know for 4 weeks prior to her coming home that we were getting her, but what I did not know is that she would need so much constant supervision, and would hate being out of sight of us so much. I think me being home almost makes it harder for her in that I am aways in the house during the day, so her progress in getting comfortable being home by herself ends up being hindered. But I've been practicing leaving her by herself in her own sectioned off area, away from me, while I try to get things done, so I'm sure we're making progress. It was the same thing when we put her in her kennel to sleep at night; she cried a lot for a few weeks and then gradually got quieter, now she goes in willingly at bed time and doesn't make a peep. We'll get there with this too!

I hope you've all enjoyed meeting little Vada! She brings us lots of joy and we just love her so stinking' much! Along the way I've been making notes in hopes of creating a blog about raising a puppy of her breed/size and what others may be able to expect. All dogs are different, but within breeds there are tons of similarities and traits. When we were researching different breeds during our puppy search I could find lots of info about Standard and Mini Aussies, but not so much about Toy size Aussies, and I thought it would be great to document raising her to see if there are differences with her size of the breed. It'll probably be a little while before I start writing posts for that, but I'll let you all know when I do!

Sam ♡

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