Late to the New Year Posting Party & Memory Box

Friday, January 27, 2017

...but here it is none-the-less, my friends! In my last post, Girl Blowing Bubbles Painting, I briefly mentioned how great it was to be home with my family for the Holidays and how hard it's been getting back to work now that we're back at our house. This weekend I dusted myself (and my project) off and got back to re-finishing our kitchen cabinets--they are looking fantastic by the way--so that's a great start. And now here I am getting my butt in gear to bring you this exciting New Year post... way later than I should be...

Alright, let's just get into this. When I look back on last year's New Year post there are some of my goals that I accomplished, some I worked on but could have done better, and some that I can't call a success at all. But I'm ok with that, I know I did my best! I will still work on all those goals again for this year and I've added a couple more! First, and this one is an extension of the doing more art goal, I want to have some prints of my art for sale by the end of this year. And second, I want to be able to appreciate all the great things that happen to me over this year!

Sometimes it can be easy to take for granted all the great, happy things that happen to us in this life, especially when something bad happens or you're feeling blue. I do my best to be a positive person and, hopefully, be an example for others in that aspect--it really does improve a lot of things in your life--but I am also human, and have my own personal issues, so I do at times let negativity get the best of me. Since I'm always trying to be a better person and a positive person, I thought this Memory Box idea would be perfect to start our New Year with... that's kinda a big reason why I should have had this post up earlier... but it's still January so lots of year left! So, how does this memory box work? I'll explain...

First you want to find a lovely box. You can use anything really, even a plain brown box, but it's always nice to have something that's visually attractive so you can keep it out and as part of your room decor, wherever you may keep it. Also, if you can't find one you love, you can always decorate a plain box yourself, but I did find one that was on sale (my Mom bought it for me) and felt was simple and pretty so I'm using that! 

Then make yourself some cute little note cards on your computer, print them, and cut them out and keep them inside your box. 

Now, each time something happens in your life thoughout the year that makes you happy, write it on one of the note cards with the date and put it back in the box. 

At the end of the year, say New Year's Eve, or a day you have time that is close to the end of the year, read each memory from the box and it's sure to put a smile on your face! It's great to spend more time reflecting and focusing on the good in life - life can be so hard at times! Happy New Year! I hope your year is filled with memories to pile into your own Memory Boxes!

Sam ♡


  1. It is such a beautiful idea! I am going to have a baby next month and tomorrow is my baby shower in one of the event venues Chicago. I will make this box for my baby and write all the memories and experiences with her. I loved this idea and I came across this blog at a right time.


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