DIY Calligraphy Basics - The #1 Rule & Faux Calligraphy

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

This is just a quick little intro to Modern Calligraphy to prepare for my next tutorial: my DIY Christmas Card Designs for this year!! YAY! In this post I'm teaching you some very basic terminology and the #1 rule when it comes to Calligraphy, plus how anyone can create fake calligraphy without having any special pens or tools! Let's take a look now...

And that's it for this post, my friends! It was hard to keep this video to the very basic things someone would need to know if they had little experience with hand-written lettering or calligraphy! I hope I did alright and, especially for those who may know something about the topic already, didn't confuse it too bad! If you want more videos about hand-written lettering and calligraphy just leave me a comment to let me know! I think it would make a great series, so I'd love to do it if you guys want to see that!

Hope your holiday preparations are going well!

Sam ♡

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