SnapChat Puppy & Deer Filter Costumes | PART 1

Thursday, October 27, 2016

This year I had a hard time to think of what costume tutorials I could do; it seems like everything fun in pop culture this year has already been done. Even all the retro costume ideas are being done, too... and they're being done well, not something I could even improve on. But then it came to me - SnapChat Filters. So I created these 2 tutorials--my favourite 2--for the Puppy and the Deer SnapChat filter costumes! I'm showing you how to do the makeup in the included video tutorial, and I even show you how to create a large phone with a SnapChat frame, and how to make both the puppy ears and the deer ears to complete each costume!

I'm also pretty excited that these SnapChat costumes don't cost very much to make (probably less than $20 for either), and that all you need is a couple hours to re-create one! If you're looking for the SnapChat Puppy or Deer Filter Ears Headbands, or the Giant Cellphone Model with SnapChat frame, that's Part 2 of this post, click here for that. Combining everything in one post was making for a quite long post so I decided to split them up.

All you'll really need to do the makeup is a Halloween cream makeup palette (You can get a decent one from any Halloween supply/costume store) and some brushes, but you can make the process easier if you have, or can get your hands on, a brown, a black, and a white eye liner. You can make do with a very small brush, but the liners help, as you'll see in the video. Now let's get to it!!

Hope you guys like this one! Things have been busy with all the house projects I have going on (lots to come on the blog), so unfortunately my Halloween tutorials are quite slim this year. But at least it's a really awesome one; it's pretty much 5 tutorials in one!!! If you're looking for the SnapChat Puppy or Deer Filter Ears Tutorials or Giant Cell Phone Tutorial click here! Have lots of fun doing whatever you get up to for Halloween, and be safe!


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