Changes Are a Comin' & New Year Resolutions!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Well, I am back with my first post of the New Year. I had a great Christmas and New Year and it was nice to take some time off to enjoy them. I’ve been busy working out some new ideas for the blog as well as some new video ideas and you might start to notice some changes in the appearance of the blog soon – I’m working on a new and improved look!

Besides a new look for the blog and brainstorming post ideas, I’ve also got some new projects on the horizon for this year. A couple of websites (one blog site and one business site), still working on stuff for the comic book project (more on this in this post), a “guest book” style painting for my friend’s wedding (I’m a bridesmaid :D), and then a bunch of art (painting and drawing) projects of my own (when I can find time)! Lots to do! 

So, I guess now I want to talk to you about New Year’s Resolutions for 2015. And I encourage any one of you to weigh in and comment with your resolutions. I love to hear about what peoples’ hopes for the New Year are and how they feel they can and want to better themselves! I know, I know! A lot of us abandon our resolutions before January even comes to and end but that doesn’t mean that we can’t pick them back up throughout the year. Try, try again, right? :) Here’s my list of resolutions:

My New Year Resolutions
    1.) Make more time for Art (this is on my list many years, sadly)
    2.) Make more time to work on comic book project (it’s been a year since I was asked to do this project and coming up on a year since I started it and I’ve sadly not got that much done. But I love the project, it’s something different for me, so I really want to get this really going!)
    3.) Plan for more written posts on my blog. When things are going nice and steady I’m making a video a week (sometimes every 2 weeks) for my YouTube channel, which is going well, but my blog needs more traffic. I need to get more of you wonderful people visiting me right here at (soon to transition over to so, therefore, I need to be creating more interesting content that you can only find right here on this blog! And it really helps if you all share this blog with your friends and family! ;)
    4.) More blog posts about art and beauty topics. I felt the blog was starting to become predominantly about DIY and crafting and I’d like to have a more even mixture. Beauty and Art are the areas that I think are lacking and 2 topics that I really, really, REALLY love (Art obviously, I know) and are very creative!

    5.) Get healthier and in better shape. This is the classic resolution, isn’t it? I’m hoping this one sticks this year! We've been doing some juicing and I've been playing Just Dance 2015 to try and kick-start's HARD but so fun!

So, those are mine! Now, what’s yours? Please comment below and join in the sharing – maybe you’ll inspire someone else reading this with your amazing resolution. What could be better than that? :) I guess that’s it for this post! I love you all! Thanks for helping make last year such a great year for The Creative Glow! I appreciate it and you all so much! I hope the holidays treated you well and that even better things are to come this year for you all! 


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