House Tour - First Peek

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Three weeks ago we experienced such an exciting day - possession day of our first house! If you have been following along here on the blog up to now then you'll have seen my first 2 related posts leading up to this one (We Lost Our House and "We Lost Our House || UPDATE"), and you'll remember that I said I'd recorded a house tour for all of you who have been so supportive and interested in this journey. Today, I've got that video prepared for you guys and I am sharing it with you all!

This house tour is just a first peek; I literally recorded it immediately after we took possession. All the photos you see in the title image of this post (above) are images from the previous owner's decor. The house is pretty nice as is, but there are a few things we hope to update and lots of making over into our style we're going to be doing as well. So once we've got a good majority of those projects done, I'll do an updated house tour for you guys--and all my family living far and other friends--to see. And you'll see lots of those projects appearing here on the blog!

I hope you guys enjoyed taking a little peek into our house, even though it's empty. It won't be that way for long, and I WILL have updates to show!!

Sam ♡


  1. Great Sam and Victor! That's great, congratulations!! I remember my first home, it was so exciting


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