8 Cute & Fun Swimsuits I'm Loving

Friday, March 25, 2016

Swim Season is almost here!!! Well... here is Canada, at least most parts, it might be just slightly early for thinking about this just yet, but for those in areas that hit swim season earlier, this'll be perfect for you now! Plus, some of you may be thinking of tropical vacations, or perhaps you've already got one booked, in which case this type of post is always helpful year round! I love shopping around for what's out there in swimsuits for the upcoming season - it really is just around the corner - and sharing the cute, unique styles I've found with all of you! So let's dive right in! Ha ha ha... "dive in"...

I've rounded up 8 of my favourite swimsuits I found online. Let me tell you, there were so many more than 8 that I LOVED, but I had to draw the line somewhere, so I'm focusing mostly on the ones I found that were more unique and different this season that I'd really like to get my hands on... or body into, I guess... anyway. As I was going through writing the description for each one of these 8 swimsuits, I got excited about each one over again, and each time I thought I need to have this one! I hope you guys enjoy and perhaps find the perfect suit for you this swimsuit season or vacation!

All pricing is in Canadian Dollars just because that's where I live and that's the prices that websites show me. I know a large majority of my readers are in the US, so I wanted to make sure you all notice that. Also, I want to note for any of my Canadian readers that sometimes it's best to check out pricing in stores too, it isn't always cheaper to shop online contrary to what a lot of people believe, so be smart with your spending!

1. Aerie Brooke Push-up Bikini Top paired with Hi-Rise Bikini Bottom (Top $52.96, Bottom $39.70 CAD) -- I like this set in the navy and polka-dots and high waisted bottom for that retro look! Also, I tend to be drawn to polka-dots and stripes!

2. Victoria's Secret Off-The-Shoulder Crop Top paired with The Strappy Cheeky Bottom (Top $60.97, Bottom $35.63 CAD) -- This suit has to be one of my top choices out of these 8 favourite swimsuits! It's different and cute and I love that! It comes in black as well, but I definitely prefer this Warm Ombre Lace color - would look great with a tan!

3. H&M Bikini Top paired with H&M Bikini Bottom (Top $19.99, Bottom $14.99 CAD) -- As I mentioned earlier, I am drawn to stripes and polka-dots. Though most of the swimsuits on this list are more unique, this one is a bit more classic, which I also do like, and the top is still fun at the same time! Also, this suit is quite affordable which is nice!

4. H&M Textured One Piece Swimsuit ($49.99 CAD) -- Again, another very affordable option, and the only one-piece to make my list! I just love the soft yellow, delicate straps, and zipper detail! It's definitely one I'd have to try on to see how it fits, though! This one is also available in black. If you're shopping in Canada, H&M doesn't offer online shopping for us, only browsing, so if you like it you'll have to try and search it out in an actual store location. Same with #3 in this list, obviously.

5. Victoria's Secret The Midi Beach Bandeau Top paired with The Cheeky Short (Top $69.20, Bottom $38.37 CAD) -- I love the look of bandeau bathing suits, but I've yet to find one that actually looks good on me. I think I've almost resigned myself to the fact that they may just not be for my body type. Although this one with the extra band under the cups makes me very tempted to try it out! I like this one paired with the tiny short style bottom and this pattern is amazing - colourful and fun! This White Ground Ikat Foil Pattern is a more expensive "color" because of the foil look in the pattern. Other solid colors of the same style are less expensive.

6. Aerie Scoop Bikini Top paired with Hipster Bikini Bottom (Top $35.73, Bottom $30.42 CAD) -- This suit is fun and delicate looking with its subtle ruffles, and I really like that combined with this more neutral Khaki Green color - some days I love the bright, energizing colors, and other days I just like more toned down classic colors like this green or black or navy. I feel this suit may not be very suited to a more busty girl since it really doesn't have much in the way of support or adjustability, so keep that in mind. This green is apparently slightly metallic looking as well, and this suit also comes in black.

7. Aerie Audrey Bikini Top paired with High-Rise Bikini Bottom (Top $48.98, Bottom $39.70 CAD) -- Again, this is a bandeau top that has the extra wide band, so I'm very tempted to try this out! Paired with the High-Rise Bikini Bottoms and small polka-dots (again, LOVE), it lends itself to that retro look that I feel is just so darn cute!

8. Vix Swimwear Charlotte T-shirt Bikini (Top $147.26, Bottom $122.26 CAD) -- This one is my absolute favourite out of all the swimsuits on my list - I just freakin' love it sooo much and wish it wasn't so expensive (in my opinion) because I would definitely have it... like, now... no, like, yesterday! In the photo here there is a lot of orange going on because of the lining, which is good if you love orange, but if you look at it on the model it looks so much more amazing, if you ask me! And I definitely love, love, love floral prints, although you can also get this in black.

So, those are my top picks for this swimsuit season! I hope you've enjoyed seeing what styles I am into when it come to swimsuits, and perhaps you've found something that you absolutely love as well!


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