DIY Nail Polish Rack - Cheap, Easy, No Power Tools Needed!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Alright, everyone! I’m back, again, with another tutorial for you all! If you’re like me, you may have nail polishes piled on top of each other in a couple of plastic bins. That made it hard when I was looking for a certain color, sometimes having to search through, or empty an entire bin to find it. This DIY Nail Polish Rack really helps get your nail polishes organized, and nicely displayed so you can quickly and easily choose a color. This project is great for people who don’t own/go near power tools. It’s very easy to make and, even though it’s made out of foam board, it is extremely sturdy!

I’m really glad I finally got to this DIY Nail Polish Rack project! I’m really happy with mine, and in the process of organizing my nail polishes, I was also able to get my butt in gear to organize/re-organize most of the rest of our bedroom…just have my makeup left to do. Yay! But, there are a few things that I would do differently if I were to re-do my nail polish rack, and I’ve made those adjustments in the video for you all! You may notice once you’ve finished yours that it’s a little bit taller than mine but that you also have one extra shelf - which means a whole extra row of space for polishes, and that you have less of a gap between each shelf. That gap was one thing that really bothered me… so much that I almost scrapped this project because I didn’t see the point in showing you all how to do something that I felt could be done better. BUT, I managed to work those adjustments into the video and save this awesome DIY project from meeting its doom, and I’m glad! Your DIY Nail Polish Rack will now look more awesome and be more awesome! Now, let’s check out what you’ll need to make your nail polish rack and then the video.

Things You’ll Need
2 Pieces of Foam Board
1 Roll of Duck Tape (I used pretty well an entire 20 yd. roll)
Hot Glue (and obviously the gun to apply it)
Spray Paint (recommendation below video)
Ruler (metal is best to use with knife, the longer is better)
Utility Knife
Something to cut on

Some of you may be curious what spray paint I used to paint my nail polish rack. The best paint to look for is one that is a paint and primer in one, and one that adheres to less porous surfaces such as plastic, that part is important because the Duck Tape is shiny and quite smooth. I used Krylon Dual Super Bond Paint + Primer. Feel free to choose whatever you color you want – I like classic black for this nail polish rack, and it matches my bedroom furniture.

 If you liked this DIY Nail Polish Rack project or have any questions, leave me a comment here on this post ("Leave a Comment" section), or on YouTube or Facebook or wherever, in the comments section! And don’t forget to click the thumbs up button on the video to show your support – this helps let YouTube know that people like a video and, therefore, will get it out to more people! That’s helpful to growing my channel AND to other people looking for awesome projects like this DIY Nail Polish Rack!

Okay, now go…GO, GO, GO… but make sure to come back!!!! Oh, and here’s some great Nail Art Tutorials!

Sam ♡

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  1. This is a great creation. Love it

    1. Cheaper than buying a fancy one in the store and looks just as nice with your nail polishes loaded on it! I LOVE mine! :)

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