Soup Can Ornaments, Give-Away Update & Award

Friday, December 6, 2013


Today I have another video tutorial for you guys! This one is much easier than the previous Personalized Tree Ornaments tutorial I did (click here for that post). It’s mostly just cutting and gluing! The thing that makes this one unique is that we’re re-purposing soup can lids to make it! 

I started saving my lids a few years ago, that’s when I first got this idea, so I have LOTS (I have so many I had to stop collecting) so I also use them as little palettes to mix my paints on. Anyway, now that I’ve made this tutorial for you all, I’ve finally gotten to do what I originally wanted with them. I say soup can lids, but you can use any kind of food can or frozen juice can lids and they can be many different sizes. For the purpose of this tutorial we’ll need a larger one 3” lid but you can use the smaller ones for other ornaments where you can fit old Christmas Cards in them and fancy them up with all kinds of ribbon, glitter, paper, etc. Ok, ok, so this is what I’m showing you how to make this video:


Before I get to showing you guys the video though, I wanted to tell you about a couple things. First, I was nominated for a special kind of blogger award which I am excited about. I’ve started a post about the award and I will be posting in this weekend and I’ll tell you guys all about it then! Second, you may remember me mentioning a Holiday Give-Away. Yes, I am still going to be doing it and I’ve got half of the gift so far. I’ve had a bit of a frustrating time with getting what I want to Give-Away to that one lucky person, but I will tell you guys all about that once I get the Give-Away all set up and post about it. I had originally wanted to start the Give-Away December 1st and have it run through the end of the month, but like I said, some things just haven’t worked out as I’d planned so I will get it going shortly and then the draw will happen shortly after the New Year. :D I’m excited despite the struggles I’ve dealt with, and, in the grand scheme of things, it’s really not that big a deal.  Anyway, keep watching for that, it’s coming soon!!!!

Now, on to the tutorial…

Things You’ll Need

-           Larger 3” Food Can Lid (mine was 3 ¼ inch)
-           2 or 3 different decorative papers (solid, patterned, textured…)
-           Black & White Family Photo printed on Regular Copy Paper
-           Small Paper Tags (mine measured  2”w x 1 1/8”h on paper before cutting)
-           Decorative Ribbon (at least ½ inch wide and a small piece ¼” wide)
-           Geometry Compass
-           Pencil
-           Eraser
-           Fine Tip Black Pigment Liner/Illustration Pens (0.3mm and/or 0.5mm)
-           Glue Stick
-           Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun
-           Scissors

So, I think that’s all the things you’ll need to re-create these and now on to the video! Yay!

So how did you guys like that one? I did voice over for all the instructional parts this time. Do you think that is was better this way, the usual way, or no difference? Please leave me any comments or questions you might have in the comments section below this post and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! ;) If you did like this video don’t forget to click the little thumbs up button to tell me you liked it and make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get notifications when I upload new stuff. (Click Here to Subscribe) Also head over to my facebook page (Click Here) and give me a “like” and then you’ll get my updates in your newsfeed. And if you’re a tweeter you can follow me on Twitter @TheCreativeGlow (or Click Here). As I mentioned in previous posts, I’m lonely on Twitter. :(

Anyway, that’s it for this post y’all! ;) Hope you’re feeling the Holiday Spirit more and more each like I am. I’ve got Christmas shopping to do tomorrow (after my haircut, eeek) and I’m excited…and a little scared. :O

Holiday Hugs and Seasonal Cheek Smoochies,
Samantha ♡

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