Holiday Party Dress & Dandelion Drawing "Fame"

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hey there all you amazing people! ;) Hope you’re all having an amazing day and for those of you reading who are in the U.S., HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Are any of you heading out to great Black Friday Sales tomorrow? Here in Canada, Black Friday is growing in popularity, I think almost every store participates now, so I may have to get out there early to find some great deals myself!

Tomorrow evening I will be attending my boyfriend’s company Holiday Party, so that means gettin’ all fancied up. I never get to do that so I am always excited when I do. I will try to film me doing my make-up for a great Holiday Make-up tutorial, but if it doesn’t work out, I will at least take photos and blog about what I did. ;) I have two dresses to choose from; one is red and more form fitting with a pencil skirt fit on bottom and the other is green and very soft and has more of a billowing fit on bottom. Here are two pictures and you can tell me which one you think I should wear:

So, like I said, leave me a message in the comments below and let me know which you like best… I think I like the red one…but I’ve been known to change my mind. :)

Also, I have some other exciting news…at least I feel it’s exciting. I am a member of a website that brings photographers and artists together in one common place. The photos that are posted there are free of copyright, allowing artists to use the photos in their artwork as they please. It’s great ‘cause sometimes you may be able to sit outside or come up with something in your hear or have your own awesome photos, and then other times you may not, and if you want to sell your art or display your art that you’ve created from a photo you’ve found, then you need to have the rights to do so. So this is a very helpful website and there are so many great, quality photos on there! Then, once you’ve completed a drawing using one of those reference photos, you are welcome to post your artwork for the photographer and other artists to see. And that’s how my Dandelion drawing I posted earlier this week (click here for that post) came to be. I did post my finished drawing and got so much great feedback and I was so thrilled and so surprised aaannnnddd not only that, but my drawing made it to the featured photos on the website. That means when people go to the home page, my drawing is right there. :D Aaaannnd, and, aaannndd not only that, but it made it to the “Top of the Pops” list, which I think means top of the popular images posted. Earlier today I was #8, but now I am #5!!!! So awesome! So excited! See:

So, that’s all I’ve got to blog about today, folks… wait, one other thing to address. I’d love to get your feedback on my blog and videos so far. I know, in one way, it’s a bit here and there, but not really since it’s all about being creative; showing you all the ways in which I love to create, and then, hopefully, that’ll inspire you all to create in whatever or however many aspects you feel compelled to! That’s the thing all my posts have in common: CREATIVITY! That’s the topic or theme of my blog and it excites me! So, yes, I’d love to hear from you! Just scroll down to the little comment section below this blog post and start typing… even if you just want to say “hi”, I’d still love that! ;) 

Okay, now that’s it for this post… wait, let me think… no, that’s it. ;) I love you all and appreciate all your support so far and in the spirit of American Thanksgiving, I want to let you know that I am truly thankful for all of you who’ve been following my blog so far (you can become an official follower of this blog by clicking “Join This Site” in the box labelled “Followers” to the right of this post) and all of you who have liked me on facebook (click here to like) and who’ve been following me on twitter (click here to follow). Also, if you haven’t already, you really should head over to my YouTube channel, check things out, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! (<--- Click to subscribe) ;) 

Feeling thankful for you all! Lots of Hugs and Love,


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    1. Yeh, I feel like I like the red one the best too... I think. Ha ha. :)

  2. Not sure what happened to my first comment but what I said was that you deserve all the praise as your picture is AMAZING!

  3. Hi Samantha, I nominated you for a Liebster award. Feel free to check it out at

    1. Oh wow, this is so cool! Thanks! Gonna add this to my "to do" list right away! Seems fun! ;)

  4. Hey Samantha , i'd take the green one,
    awesome colors and great cut :)

    1. Thanks! I did end up wearing the green one though both were so nice. I had a hard time to decide! ;) Thanks for commenting! :)


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