Easiest Book Covers EVER - For School OR Home Decor

Friday, September 29, 2017

Have you ever put together decor for your room using books but it just doesn't look as good as all the cool Pinterest photos? Or have you been asked to cover your school books so that they don't get all crappy and worn out so quickly? Perhaps they already are and you don't like looking at that grimy dirty cover used by many students before you! Maybe you want a book cover that you can customize yourself without it taking a lot of effort! I have the perfect tutorial for you today, then! I'm going to show the easier way to cover a book, it takes about 10 minutes to do it, and all you need is a paper of your choice (brown paper, paper bags, shopping bags, newspaper comics, wrapping paper, etc.) and a pair of scissors. Tape is an optional item, it's not needed, but I recommend using a couple tiny pieces to keep things neat! Let's take a look at the Easiest Book Cover Tutorial Ever...

We used to do this to our school textbooks when I was a child; it's easier than the book covers the schools used to supply us with, and much more fun since you can decorate them yourselves if you use solid color paper! My mom's family also used this method when they attended school--I learned it from her--and they used to re-use brown paper grocery bags since they were the perfect size, and readily available at the time. You can really get creative and try re-using certain paper items that may otherwise get thrown in the recycle bin. Here's the video tutorial on how to cover your hard cover books for school and home decor - get creative!!

That's it for this post, my friends! I hope you enjoyed it and can think of many ways this tutorial will come in handy! It's a little late for back to school season, but school has just begun for the year so obviously you can use it throughout the year! See ya for another post soon!

Sam ♡


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